Doughboy Skimmers Lead the Industry in Design and Functionality.

Features for All Skimmers:

Exclusive u-joint skimmer gasket provides extra protection against leaks.
Rounded skimmer faceplate and return fitting cover provides a tight seal with gasket for pool wall protection.
Large skimmer opening allows maximum water flow for more efficient skimming.
Tough, corrosion-resistant, large capacity leaf basket extends times between cleaning.
Vacuum hook-up allows for easy, convenient vacuuming and pool maintenance.
High-efficiency skimming weir.
Single barbed adaptor for 1½ hose for convenient skimmer hookup.
Safe, self-sealing vacuum port closure covers vacuum port when pool in use.
Skimmer body available in gray or beige.

Standard Doughboy Skimmer
Classic Deluxe Doughboy Skimmer
Deluxe Doughboy Skimmer
Skimmer Basket